Project Description

We collaborated with The Tank Museum and Wargaming to develop, expand, and enhance a captivating gaming experience at TANKFEST, showcasing the thrill of tank piloting through cutting-edge technology and immersive environments. Following the success of our initial partnership, we were entrusted with extending the experience for the 2023 edition.


TANKFEST is an annual event in the UK heritage calendar, allowing visitors to see and interact with historic and modern tanks. TANKFEST 2023 was presented by Wargaming MMO World of Tanks, and held at The Tank Museum in Bovington, Dorset, at the end of June.


Our collaboration resulted in the creation of an immersive gaming zone, a beloved highlight at both TANKFEST and the museum. Enthusiasts of tank culture eagerly engaged with our interactive exhibits, offering them a hands-on encounter like no other. For the 2023 event, we expanded upon the original concept, introducing console and mobile gaming elements.

Situated amidst the historic backdrop of a British Army Centurion tank, the extended zone features cozy pod-style units where visitors can delve into the world of World of Tanks ‘Modern Armor’ on installed consoles and ‘Blitz’ on tablet stands. To ensure the security of the Xbox consoles, they were discreetly housed in concealed security cases throughout the activation.

The design of the Modern Armor and Blitz sections embraces a war-like ambiance, complete with faux corrugated sheets, barbed wire, and walls adorned with bullet holes. Informative panels showcase game and tank content on large screens, complemented by QR codes directing visitors to exclusive online offers. Additionally, we provided a green screen for visitors to capture creative, war-themed photo opportunities, further enhancing their immersive experience.