Project Description

Wargaming partnered with Tankfest, an annual event hosted by The Tank Museum in Bovington, UK, dedicated to celebrating military history and hardware. Our mission was to develop an immersive World of Tanks-themed gaming zone, enriching participants’ experience with tank culture.


Jump into the free-to-play team-based shooter with an ever-expanding roster of historical vehicles, stunning graphics, spectacular locales, and orchestral scores. Show your mastery and face other players in thrilling PvP clashes. A unique mix of strategy and action awaits!


While Tankfest 2021 spanned three days in September, the World of Tanks gaming zone became a semi-permanent fixture at the museum, slated to remain active for at least two years, with the potential for extension. Managing this long-term project required meticulous planning and execution.

To ensure the longevity and interactivity of the World of Tanks experience, we meticulously curated each of the exhibition’s 10 gaming zones. State-of-the-art MSI gaming rigs, peripherals, and premium TV screens were integrated to deliver unparalleled gaming immersion.

Beyond gaming, we designed interactive historical quizzes catering to both novice and expert tank enthusiasts. Participants had the chance to win game codes and other rewards by showcasing their tank knowledge. Additionally, a dedicated green-screen area equipped with wartime props allowed attendees to capture memorable selfies and photos within World of Tanks maps.

Our involvement extended to Tankfest itself. We constructed a prominent World of Tanks-branded stage featuring vibrant fabric prints and vinyl designs for guest speakers. The museum’s walls were adorned with striking graphics, including full-vinyl designs and foam boards, embellished with iconic World of Tanks branding and meticulously painted features like chevron tracks on the floor.