Project Description

Valorant – Gameplay trailer

Valorant is widely regarded as the heir to the immensely popular Overwatch; it’s a free-to-play tactical multiplayer first-person shooter developed by Riot Games.

As part of its marketing strategy to attract players from across different global territories, Riot Games approached us to create a localised Valorant trailer for its German audience.

Our Valorant trailer centered on the character Jett and her agility. Featuring a mixture of unique CG animation and in-game footage, we crafted a localized trailer in just three weeks. Rigs were created from scratch to create the animation as well as capture gameplay footage, the in-game environment, weapons and more.

As important as the high-octane feel of the trailer was the creative approach and quality of the german localisation. Our German Valorant trailer attracted tens of thousands more views across social media than the CG-only trailer previously released by Riot Games’ central office, and was a massive hit across Germany’s most prominent social channels.