Project Description

Ubisoft Connect 2020

Ubisoft presents with this launch trailer a whole new ecosystem of exclusive Ubisoft Connect services. Completely dedicated to die-hard Ubisoft game players on all platforms! In this new Ubisoft Connect service, you will be part of a global network of Ubisoft players! With over 1000 free rewards available in the game catalog. Keep up to date with your stats, progress, and performance in your favorite games, anytime, anywhere! And what more can we say except that this service is FREE!

With the launch trailer, we created the first video presenting the new Ubisoft Connect service and thus initiated brand awareness. We transcribed a strong ambition and the first concrete benefits at launch, by bringing together players around their passion for Ubisoft games. Presenting real players in sequences filmed in studio in a universe resolutely turned towards the codes of PC Gaming. We put a strong visual identity by using LEDs, RGB gaming accessories, and all with vibrant colors contrasting in darker environments.

We also made for this trailer the localization in English and in 13 other languages!

From the pitch to the post-production, through the script, casting, shooting. It’s a whole team, enthusiastic about the idea that puts itself at the service of a creative project!