Project Description

Our mission involved crafting an immersive activation for the ROG TOUR TRUCK roadshow throughout France, extending until 2020, aimed at offering gamers nationwide a hands-on encounter with ROG’s cutting-edge gaming technology, while simultaneously amplifying tour excitement and visibility through online influencers.


The Republic of Gamers (ROG) are gaming specialists, dedicated to creating the best hardware possible for people serious about gaming.


The opportunity to conceive and customize something of this scale was irresistible. The ROG TOUR TRUCK presented a colossal chance for innovation; it wasn’t just about designing the truck itself, but collaborating closely with ROG to strategize, conceptualize, fabricate, procure, coordinate, execute, and oversee the entire roadshow. Dive deeper into the project here.

Our team labored tirelessly to overhaul an ordinary logistics truck into a high-tech gaming sanctuary, crafting the interior from scratch to accommodate a professional gaming setup for up to 10 players.

At each destination in France, we engaged local influencers, extending invitations to YouTubers and eSports squads to join us on-board for exhilarating Fortnite and League of Legends tournaments, offering firsthand experiences with ROG’s exceptional gaming hardware. Influencers were also encouraged to showcase the hardware through livestreams and offer reviews to their followers.

Our aim was to draw as many French enthusiasts as possible to experience the ROG TOUR TRUCK, regardless of location or time. TAKEOFF also spearheaded esports happenings, including the ROG TOUR TRUCK booth at Paris Games Week, and delivered social media assets, motion videos, and the official events website to ensure every impromptu pit stop was a resounding triumph.